by Offret



"The debut EP from Russian one-man act OFFRET allows a little more variety and casts author Andrey Prokofiev as someone of a dark metal modernist. His offering is based on acoustic guitar and trombones framework distorted by Sunn Model T amp bass, and presents an unparalleled sense of wonder within each song."
Karol Kamiński,


released February 15, 2017

Recorded by Aleksey Basirov at Correct Sound studio, N.Novgorod.
Mixed and mastered by Sasha Sidorov.
Additional vocal by Anna Huraya (3).
Photo by Anton Babushkin.

Coreleased with : Sieve and Sand (France), Dingleberry Records (Germany), Wooaaargh (Germany), Shalosh Cult (Germany / Israel), TRVS Records (Russia), Manchikha (Russia), Kosovo.Pole (Russia), Towner Records (Russia).


all rights reserved



Vox Project label Saint Etienne, France

Vox Project is an independant label based in Saint-Etienne, France, trying to keep is guideline as large as the [good] music is.

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Track Name: Никто не выйдет отсюда живым
“No one here gets out alive”

Neither you nor me
Will get out from here alive
The sparkle and the abyss of those wolf eyes
And the determination to see it through
By ourselves, by ourselves
Baring teeth of human face.
Track Name: Малефика

The wind will chase the phantoms of our poor souls
Away to the darkness through the black smoke
To the cold and evil night
The Holy Fire has washed the logs of our dirty bodies
And burn them to ashes.
Track Name: Иди за мной
“Follow me”

Follow me through the night and through the fog
Through the eternal dream and the dust of time
Through the water and the fire
Follow me to the place where there is no sun
Where you will forget the daylight in a pitch dark
Follow me

So the thunder boomed and the time has come
Get out of your graves
The light of the whole Universe failed in a flash
Rush with me like a whirlwind in the night
So far as you can
To the place where there is no one dead or alive
Where there is no animals and no birds singing
To the place where there is the only way down.
Track Name: Бесы

The hell is empty and all the demons are here.