Bad Tooth

from by Carne



Bad Tooth

Clenching its root deep inside my throat
Gulping down my anger
The acrid scent of resentment
Keeps you tamed for years and years
Feeding you / Drowning you
An uncured cavity I can’t seem to fill
So acute, so sharp, you won’t let me faint
Abusing me, over and over
A loose tooth in a decaying jaw
Feeding you / Drowning you / in a sea of bitter
I could keep you idle for years
Take you out / Wrest you
Pour the blood / you took away from me
Liberate / Obliterate


from Modern Rituals, released February 16, 2017


all rights reserved



Vox Project label Saint Etienne, France

Vox Project is an independant label based in Saint-Etienne, France, trying to keep is guideline as large as the [good] music is.

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