O vodi

from by Vlasta Popić



On water (O vodi)

There's no one there
to be his sails
This storm
is your own
Absorbed in the thought
that he's all alone
that's almost a touch.
I know it's not easy
And what would it be like
if he looked up
just for a moment?
what would it be like
if he gathered his courage
tenderness would respond
Empty words serve to distract
Under the surface, there's a sinking heart
Warm bosom still learning to swim
but the blame is pulling them down
I know it's not easy
I know he's overflowing
I know it's not easy
I know there's a tide inside
If you keep silent
No one will hear you
the body's not loud enough
to pull down your walls


from Kvadrat, released January 28, 2015


all rights reserved



Vox Project label Saint Etienne, France

Vox Project is an independant label based in Saint-Etienne, France, trying to keep is guideline as large as the [good] music is.

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